DSME to develop cyber security technology for smart ships

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) will cooperate with DS Lab Company, to develop a marine cyber threat intelligence system.

Based on DS Lab Company’s ‘Cyber Turtle Ship’ platform, the project aims to support safe operation from software for ship security design.

DSME will conduct tests and act as advisors so that the developed security technology can be applied on ships.

“With the development of autonomous ships, smart ships, and smart ships to which information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT) are applied, the need for cybersecurity for ships is rapidly increasing due to the development of communication systems that connect ships and land. have. This is because, if self-driving ships and smart ships are hacked, huge damage to life and property can occur” said DSME.

In accordance with the enforcement of the cybersecurity risk management regulation of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the global shipbuilding and offshore industry must secure technologies and systems for ships and related systems to prepare for malicious codes such as ransomware and cyberattacks. In particular, countries around the world are concentrating on the development of ship cyber security technology, with the number of ship system attacks increasing by 900% in the past three years.

Commenting on the collaboration, DS Lab Company CEO Cho Yong-hyun, said that cybersecurity technology will become more important when Level 3 autonomously operated ships are developed in 2025 and the smartization of the current ships accelerates.

The importance of cyber security, is highlighted by a recent cyber attack in HMM which reported an attack on its systems. HMM, however, managed to limit the scope of the attack to its email servers.